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Through Jesus’ passion to the home of the Heavenly Father.
Antano Lukšėno fotografija

Image of Our Lady

The image of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus, which is renowned for special graces, is thought to have been painted by an unknown Lithuanian artist in the 1620s, in a Bernardine setting in Vilnius. Its cover, the work of a professional metal smith, is decorated with a striking floral motif. Most likely the painting was installed at the main altar sometime between 1620 and 1629. The 17th century painting and its cover are among the most valuable artworks at Tytuvėnai.

The painting presents the Mother of God with the Child on her arms. It radiates dignity as well as a sense of spiritual reflection marked by sorrow. The Child Jesus is portrayed three-quarters turned toward his Mother. His right hand reaches out to impart a blessing, while his left hand holds the Bible to his bosom. In its main features, the painting is a slightly modified example of the iconographic type Hodegetria. The Madonna’s interior composure is well reflected in the serene expression on her face, the gentle movement of her right hand, and the positioning of her left hand, which seems to clasp the Child closer to herself. The Child, seated calmly on his Mother’s arms, shows a similar disposition.